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〜 Well-being KYOTO 〜

About Well-being KYOTO.

It is the outskirt of Kyoto where people, nature and culture harmonize. You shall find another new Japan.

Saga-Arashiyama, where has the scenic views and carries authentic ambience of aristocratic culture from Heian period since 794 A.D; Takao is a treasure house of eternally preserved Buddhist culture from Kamakura period since 1192 A.D. and has temples in Takao-Sanbi the three symbolic mountains. You can also indulge the local cuisine by a river between the mountains, where fresh breeze blows by; Keihoku is endowed with abundant timber resources, especially, Kitayama-sugi the Japanese cedar cedar; Kibune and Kurama areas are known for uncommon spiritual sites; Ohara and Yase are the area not too far from Kyoto downtown, where local Kyoto vegetables raised in the idyllic settings. We hope you take pleasure in [Well-being] that is presented by each area to you.